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Introducing Plant Pod: Plastic-Free Packaging

Promote Your Brand with 100% Plastic Free
Lip Balm!

Plant Pod® is the perfect branding solution for offering a 100% petroleum free product

Alignment of Values for Eco-conscious Audiences

Plant Pod is the first 100% plant-based, plastic-free lip balm tube that fully functions like a regular tube. The plant fiber tube is crafted of material re-claimed from farm by-products which otherwise would have been burned making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The tubes are manufactured with 100% solar energy and have no plastic elements, heavy metals, or polymers, including BPA and phthalates. The labels are also plastic free! Reach that eco-conscious audience with

High Impressions – High Value!

Lip balm is a smart branding opportunity as it’s typically applied 6-8 times a day. It’s also become an everyday staple in people’s lives as they are almost as tightly attached to their favorite lip balm as they are with their phone. It’s a year-around opportunity with hundreds of brand impressions. Now that’s how you get an impactful ROI!

What’s on the Inside Matters the Most

It’s not just about the 100% plastic-free packaging, but also having an amazing lip balm formula that works is what keeps customers coming back for more. Our premium lip balms are made with the sustainably-sourced certified organic beeswax, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, and essential oils and flavors. These All Natural, petroleum-free, lip balms soothe and moisturize. They are cruelty-free and made in the USA with 100% renewable energy.

Is Plant Pod® right for your needs?

Type of business: Promotional distributors only

MOQ: 10,000 units

Lead Time: 6 weeks from proof label

Product Options: 0.15 oz. Premium lip balms (no SPF or larger sizes)

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