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The Promotional Industry's Demand for Quality, Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

The promotional industry is seeing a high demand for quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. This is great news for the environment, as well as our skin! Eco Lips Promo uses fairly-traded and organic ingredients to ensure a natural, pure, and chemical-free product that's good for people and the planet.

Word to the wise: when choosing a lip care or beauty product, look for ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Many chemicals lurk in ingredient lists in many promotional beauty products - lip balm being one of them. One of the biggest offenders is petroleum. Did you know petroleum is actually a drying agent? It not only doesn't nourish the skin but seals the skin barrier of the lips meaning lips can't fully absorb the moisture - making them even drier than before!

With so many lip balm choices to choose from, where do you even start? Here's a helpful checklist to see if your balm passes the "good balm" test.

  1. It features cocoa butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil or hemp seed oil as the base. These oils are ultra-moisturizing and help enhance the skin barrier. They soak into skin well without leaving them too greasy.
  2. It's certified organic and/or fair trade. An organic ingredient means it hasn't been genetically altered and comes from the truest source. The cherry on top? is if it's also Fair Trade Certified, which means it was sourced fairly through transparency, dialogue and respect.
  3. It doesn't have ingredients you don't know or can't pronounce. No added colorants, dyes, weird-sounding chemicals. Just pure, natural ingredients that are sourced from our planet.

We love our planet, and we know you do too. By choosing a brand like Eco Lips Promo, you're making a conscious choice to spread the good. Eco Lips Promo  doesn't give lip service to sustainability, we live it every day. We're proudly manufactured in small-town USA (Iowa to be exact) and always adhere to good manufacturing practices. The cherry on top? We invest in our employees by offering up 20 hours of volunteer time a year in addition to paying above minimum wage. We also give back to the community and have many causes we support.

Knowledge is power. Next time you're browsing the many promotional products out there, keep these nuggets front of mind. You can help reduce the number of harmful chemicals being used in the beauty industry by choosing a conscious, eco-minded brand like Eco Lips Promo .