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5 Reasons Why Promo Products Work

Marketers have been using promotional products for years. They’re cost effective, unique and have a longer shelf life than direct mail, email or social media marketing.

Did you know that 85% of people do business with companies after seeing their promotional product and 89% of consumers say they can recall the company’s name for up to 2 years after getting it? This means that one-time distribution of such items can possibly engage customers with your brand for months.

It’s no doubt that promotional products are important. Eco Lips Promo understands the “why” and we’re here to help explain the importance. Our private label and promotional lip balms are made with the same quality organic ingredients and proprietary process as our renowned Eco Lips branded products. Whether you’re looking for private label balm for an office, a fundraising event or even birthdays or weddings, we’re here to make it easy and convenient for you.

Here are the top five reasons why promotional products work.

  1. It’s low cost + provides a great ROI
  2. Brand recognition increases
  3. Higher brand exposure
  4. It works as your business card!
  5. Creates a loyal customer base

We offer a variety of flavors, packaging options and products. We can even customize your order! Lip balm is practical, necessary and accessible. Whether you have an exact vision for the product or logo, or maybe you need help fleshing out ideas, we’d be happy to help make your promotional product a reality.